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Navigating FuseSign

When creating a new document bundle there are five panels on the FuseSign user interface: Side Navigation Panel, Recipients Panel, Bundle Details Panel, Documents Panel, and Actions Panel.

As your FuseSign document bundles move through the Bundle Workflow Stages of New > Draft > Active > Completed > Archived they are sorted and stored in the appropriate folder under Document Bundles.

FuseSign includes an inbuilt contact database. Please refer to the Contact Management article for more information.

The Configuration section is where you can configure elements of FuseSign specific to you business.

Settings: The Settings section is where you can access the Administrative Settings to control your Account, Signing Experience, Communication Preferences, Template & Tags, and Contacts.

Billing: The Billing section is where you can access details relating to your Subscription, Credits, and Billing.

Users: The Users section is where you can add, edit, and remove your FuseSign Users.

Teams: The Teams section allows you to setup user ‘Teams’ to control access to signing bundles and set custom branding for bundles assigned to that team.

The Recipients panel is where you can search your Contacts to add bundle recipients, check recipient email address validation, and create recipient signing order groups.

The Bundle Details Panel is where you can set specific details for the bundle including the email subject and body text the recipient will receive, any Bundle Tags, a Due Date, and Recipient Verification Mode.

Each item can be updated individually, or you may choose to apply a Bundle Template containing pre-defined settings for each item.

The top section of the Documents Panel is where you can add documents via drag ’n’ drop, or browse your files, to add documents into your draft bundle.

The bottom section of the Document Panel contains the Document and Recipient Action Panel which lists all of the included documents and recipients, in a grid or expanded format, to allow for granular control of sign and view actions.

The toggle for Signature Placement Modeis also located here in the documents panel.

The Actions Panel contains the available actions once you’ve prepared your bundle. Some actions only become available once a draft has been saved.

Delete Draft: The Delete Draft button completely removes the draft bundle and all associated details from FuseSign.

Email: The Email button opens a draft email in Outlook including a hyperlink to the draft bundle which can be used to share the bundle with other internal users for review.

Copy: The Copy button creates an duplicate copy of the bundle.

Show Preview: The Show Preview button opens a window displaying a preview of the email that each bundle recipient will receive.

Save Draft: The Save Draft button saves the bundle and retains it’s location in the Draft bundle folder.

Send Bundle: The Send Bundle button moves the bundle from the Draft stage to Active and sends the recipients notifications of the active bundle awaiting their actions.

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