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User Management

Your FuseSign subscription includes an unlimited number of user licences.

View, edit, add, and remove users by clicking Users on the side navigation bar accessible from any screen in FuseSign.

Click on Advanced Editor to view the FuseWorks Account for your business including all users across both FuseSign and FuseDocs (if subscribed).

Champion: Users allocated as a Champion can access and update the Administrative Settings.

Remove: The removal, or archiving, of an internal user does not impact active bundles out for singing sent by that user.

User Groups

Users can also be managed from FuseWorks account and licencing portal, where they can be added to certain User Groups that give them additional administrative access within FuseSign. These groups are:

  • User and License Administrator

  • FuseSign Champion

  • FuseSign Team Administrator

It is the responsibility of the User and License Administrator(s) to add/remove users from relevant permission groups. Users can be a part of multiple permission groups.

Permissions (After 8 Sept 23)

Permissions (Before 8 Sept 23)

User and License Administrator

  • Can add, edit and archive users within User Portal

  • Can allocate FuseSign licenses

  • Can add users to User Groups (including other User and License Administrators)

  • Can add, edit and remove users within FuseSign

  • Can add other users as FuseSign Champions within FuseSign

  • Can send password reset links to users

  • Cannot create or edit FuseSign Teams, or manage the users therein (unless also a FuseSign Team Administrator)

  • Cannot change administrative settings, billing information, or general user management (unless also a FuseSign champion)

No change

FuseSign Champion

  • Could add/remove users from Teams

  • Could edit Teams settings, including branding and email options

FuseSign Team Administrator

  • Can create, edit and disable Teams

  • Can add/remove users from Teams

  • Can edit Teams settings, including branding and email options

  • Cannot change administrative settings, billing information, or general user management


FuseSign User

  • All basic FuseSign functionality, including:

    • Creating, drafting, sending and finalising bundles

    • Reviewing, monitoring and archiving bundles within their Team(s)

    • Sending reminders to and canceling actions for recipients

    • Editing recipient contact information for manual contacts

No change

Users who were FuseSign Champions prior to 8 Sept 2023 were also made FuseSign Team Administrators to avoid any loss of access. User and License Administrator(s) will need to add/remove access to these permission groups for each user as required.

Usage Reporting

Should you wish to report on how many bundles are sent by individual users you can download a CSV file of the bundles in each stage to filter as required.

Refer Monitoring Bundle Progress for instructions to download the CSV.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at

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