There are plans available to cater for all sizes and style of business, from starter through to enterprise.

Refer to our FuseSign Plans for current pricing.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan size from month to month at any time during your billing cycle. Your credits will be automatically prorated.

Not sure what plan to choose? Contact our team on 07 3233 6440 or and we can help you decide.


FuseWorks offers a complementary 14 day trial of FuseSign. Register for a trial on our website.

Upgrade Trial to Paid Plan: You can upgrade your trial account to a paid plan via the Billing section on the side navigation bar accessible from any screen in FuseSign. Enter your billing address and select the plan most suitable for your business.

Trial Expiry: If you allow your trial to expire, your FuseSign access will be limited in the same way as an unpaid plan.

Credit System

Each plan has an allocated number of signing credits based on the plan size.

Credit Consumption

Credits get consumed when you send bundles to recipients for signing.

In most cases, the number of credits consumed is equal to the number of unique signers in that bundle. For example: 3 people signing 1 document consumes 3 credits, and 1 person signing 20 documents in the bundle consumes 1 credit. 

Recipients that are included in a bundle to only view and not sign documents will not consume a credit. A minimum of 1 signing credit will be charged per bundle. For example: 3 recipients all only viewing documents in one bundle, with no signing required, will consume 1 credit.

Credit Expiry

The monthly credit allocation for each plan is valid for 1 month on a monthly subscription, or applied in bulk at the beginning of an upfront annual subscription and valid for 12 months.

Credit Renewal

Monthly credit allocations automatically renew on the anniversary of the initial charge for your FuseSign plan, including both the date and time when the transaction was confirmed.

Renewals cannot be brought forward. Consider purchasing Additional Credits.

Additional Credits

Additional credits can be purchased as a “top up” at the rate indicated for your plan. These additional credits last for 3 months from the date of purchase. You can select how many additional credits you would like to purchase in each transaction.

Auto Top Ups

Auto top ups of additional credits can be manually enabled and will automatically purchase a block of 25 credits when your credits allocation drops below 10. 

Free Internal Signers

On Business and Enterprise Plans, any signer who is an internal user in your business will not consume a credit. A minimum of 1 credit will be charged per bundle.


Payment Date

Monthly payments are processed on the anniversary of both the date and time when the initial transaction to begin your FuseSign subscription was confirmed.

SMS Charges

SMS charges will be applied depending on your plan.

SMS charges are billed with the subscription charge each month, if the amount owing is greater than $3 (if less than $3, it will be rolled to the next month). 

If your subscription is cancelled with outstanding SMS charges, this will be billed regardless of the amount.

Late Payments + Expiry

In the case of a failed subscription payment, your FuseSign subscription will go into an “Unpaid” status. Payments will be reattempted automatically after 24 hours.

Your business and clients will still have access to FuseSign to sign and finalise bundles. You will not be able to send new bundles or create drafts while your account is in the “Unpaid” status.

After 6 weeks in “Unpaid” status, your FuseSign account will expire and will no longer be able to be used by your business or signers. Any active bundles will be automatically archived. You will still be able to retrieve your signed documents.

Updating Credit Card Details

Credit card details can be updated directly in FuseSign via the Billing section found on the side navigation bar accessible from any screen in FuseSign.

Only users delegated as a User and Licence Administrator can update these details.

Credit card details are stored securely, with Stripe.

Subscription Cancellation

We’ll be sad to see you go! Please consider having a chat with our team to see if we can help you resolve your reasons for cancelling.

Once you cancel, you will still have access to your account for the remaining time left in the payment cycle.

Only users delegated as a FuseSign Champion have access to the FuseSign Billing settings.

Step 1: Select Billing on the side navigation bar accessible from any screen in FuseSign.

Step 2: Select Change My Plan

Step 3: All available FuseSign plans will display. Select the ‘Cancel’ button will displayed underneath your current plan. (Prices shown below are for illustrative purposes only. Refer to our FuseSign Plans for current pricing).

Step 4: You will be presented with a confirmation window advising you of the end of your current period, and that once your subscription ends your recipients will be unable to sign any active bundles, any pending bundles will be archived, and any third party access (i.e. integrations) will be disabled. Select ‘Confirm Cancellation’ to proceed.

Once your subscription ends we terminate any integration connections and the data in our system is retained based on our retention policy of 7 years from date of cancellation.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team on