Getting Started

I’m a new FuseSign System Owner, where should I start?

Welcome! You’ll want to start by reading the articles listed under Account Personalisation + Billing.

You might also be interested in Integrations.

I’m a new FuseSign User sending bundles for signing, where should I start?

Welcome! You’ll want to start by checking out the Learn How to Send A Bundle page to watch a demonstration, learn how to navigate FuseSign, and see a typical step-by-step workflow for sending a bundle.

Then you might like to dig deeper into each of the features listed under Sending + Finalising Bundles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can recipients share an email address or mobile number?

In bundles where SMS verification is active, a unique combination of phone number and email address must be used. In cases where SMS verification is switched off, email addresses must be unique for the same reason. If claims are made against the validity of signatures, our audit trail must demonstrate that the signatory is a unique and identifiable person. Read more about shared recipient details.

Q: Can I edit or change a recipients email or phone number in an active bundle?

Yes! Refer Updating Recipient Details.

Q: Can I use FuseSign to have the Tax Agent sign the Income Tax Returns after the client has performed their signing action?

Yes! Simply add the Tax Agent as a bundle recipient in their own signing group. Refer Recipient Signing Order Groups and Free Internal Signers.

Q: When will my credits renew?

Monthly credit allocations automatically renew on the anniversary of the initial charge for your FuseSign plan, including both the date and time when the transaction was confirmed. Refer Credit System.

Q: Can recipients still download their documents once the bundle has moved to the Archived stage?

The recipient must download a copy of their signed documents within 60 days of the bundle being archived (i.e. while the bundle is in Pending Archive state), before they are no longer directly accessible via FuseSign. Refer Due Dates + Reminders and Bundle Stages.

Q: Does FuseSign handle documents that require witnessing?

FuseSign does not have an explicit witnessing function. Witnessing is a difficult area with electronic signatures at this stage.

We have found this article to be useful in describing a process whereby electronic witnessing is verified in remote situations via a live video link.

The more common sense approach that we are proposing is to identify a witness ahead of time and use the FuseSign placeholder functionality to mark a signer and a witness with a signature box in the appropriate place on the document. The audit trail will then show that the signing transaction occurred at the same time along with the identity proofing of the witness. We note that in wet signing circumstances an ink signature on paper is not an ironclad guarantee that someone genuinely witnessed a signature at that moment. This suggestion is not to be taken as legal advice and you should satisfy yourself that any witnessing method you choose is appropriate for the application.

We are not aware of any easily commercially available electronic signature platforms that do witnessing outside of the "court proceeding" level.

Q: Is there a time limit on a bundle expiring in FuseSign?

Bundles remain in the Active stage until all recipient signing actions have been completed, or another finalisation action has been undertaken. There is no automatic expiry for active bundles.

Q: Can I save a copy of the email the client receives from FuseSign into my CRM?

No. The email that FuseSign sends to the client contains private links to the documents so we will only ever deliver the email those to the recipients.  We can't deliver these emails to another recipient to retain security of the intended recipients access to their documents. The best way to achieve what you're after is to rely on the Audit Report once the bundle is complete, which you can download and save to your CRM if required.