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FAQ + Getting Started

Getting Started

I’m a new FuseDocs User preparing documents, is there a user guide?

Access the private FuseDocs Knowledge Base using your FuseDocs login credentials. This will guide you through getting started, as well as what you can expect from all of the available features.

My firm is implementing FuseDocs, what does the process look like?

We are delighted you have chosen our platform and we are here to support you every step of the way! We will ask you to complete some preliminary work before guiding you through the implementation process.

For more information read Welcome to FuseDocs and FuseDocs Implementation Process.

I look after IT for my firm, what’s involved in installing FuseDocs and connecting the integrations?

Take a look at the Technicalsection of this Knowledge Base to read about the FuseDocs Ecosystem, Installation Instructions, System Requirements, and restarting the FuseWorks Updater or FDDMSS.

Please contact your firms Implementation Consultant, or for any specific details related to integrations for your firm.

I’m a “FuseDocs Champion”, what does that mean?

FuseDocs champions are your in-house experts that know the ins and outs of your process and support your team members to get the most from your solution.  

To learn more about your role read Who are your FuseDocs champions?

Frequently Asked Questions

There are not yet any Frequently Asked Questions.

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