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Welcome to FuseDocs!

Welcome to FuseDocs - your one-stop platform for document collations.

It’s time to turbocharge productivity with one click of a button! We are delighted you have chosen our platform and we are here to support you every step of the way!

What to expect:

Prework Tasks

There are a few things that we need you to provide to help your consultant prepare for your Process Design Workshop.

Preliminary Tasks Checklist

  • IT CONTACT: Please provide the details of your IT contact. We will work with them to install the relevant software components and they will our go-to person for any IT related troubleshooting.

  • EXAMPLE DOCUMENTS: Please provide examples of the packages that you are currently sending to your clients (i.e. an example of tan email your client would receive from your office with their annual documents. This gives us a good idea of the output that FuseDocs will need to produce for you. You can upload these to us securely using the client drop box hyperlinked in your welcome email.

  • BRANDING MATERIALS: Please provide the templates that you use to create your package cover pages, contents page, and any other branding items. If you don’t have templates, not to worry, we can put something together based on your brand use guidelines or we can take design cues from your brand presentation on your website. Read more about how we use your Corporate Branding

  • LETTER TEMPLATES: If you've selected the option for FuseDocs to prepare a merge letter or other merge documents for inclusion in your document packages, please provide the most up to date templates for the relevant letters.

  • INVOICE: Please pay the invoice for the upfront component of your implementation fee. We won't kick off the monthly subscription until after your solution has been designed and implemented with your team. Submit your credit card payment or contact us for support.

What to Expect Next

Once you have completed your preliminary tasks, we will connect you with an Implementation Consultant for your Design Workshop. Your consultant will guide you through a structured agenda, making sure that each of the features available in FuseDocs will be configured to suit your needs!

For those of our clients who would like to read more about the implementation process, what we promise to deliver, and your involvement, please read FuseDocs Implementation Process (completely optional).

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