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Who are your FuseDocs champions?



  1. a person who has surpassed all rivals - "a champion hurdler"

  2. a person who vigorously supports or defends a cause

Your FuseDocs champions are your in-house experts that know the ins and outs of your process and support your team members to get the most from your solution.  

We recommend appointing two champions so that there is always someone available during busy periods, annual leave and staff turnover.

Why do we need a FuseDocs Champion?

An internal champion is integral to successfully implementing FuseDocs across your team – they’ll not only be the first point of contact during our initial configuration and design, but we also need their help to get your team on board with the change that FuseDocs will bring (for the better!)  Depending on your process you may need two champions - one for your support team, and one for your accounting team.

What does the FuseDocs Champion need?

  • A deep working knowledge of the process being automated

  • Ability to coordinate stakeholders within the organization

  • Ability to support other team members and show them how to use FuseDocs

  • Access and support of internal and external IT providers

  • Authority to make decisions on process & design elements and/or

  • Access and support of the key decision maker

Ongoing Role

Your FuseDocs Champion can help us to ensure your FuseDocs solution turbocharges your team’s productivity by:

  • Sharing first person insight into your current processes and requirements so that we can automate these for you

  • Letting us know when things aren't going right, if it's harder to use than expected, or not giving you the desired result

  • Letting the right people know when things are going right, with examples of the wins that you and your team are getting by using FuseDocs.

Supporting Your Champion

We provide ongoing support to your FuseDocs Champion throughout the life of your subscription, including: 

  • Access to Champion-Only tools, resources and support for FuseDocs via our online helpdesk

  • Newsletters - regular emails created specifically for FuseDocs Champions that share productivity ideas, features and updates for FuseDocs 

  • Invitations to quarterly Champion specific webinars, updates, and events

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