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Welcome to FuseCharts!

Welcome to FuseCharts - designed to help you create structure charts, simply.

FuseCharts is a fully intuitive application with a simple user interface making it easy for anyone in your organisation to create, edit, and adapt structure charts for your clients specific needs.

FuseCharts Overview

Setting Yourself up for Success

To ensure your transition to FuseCharts is as seamless as possible, we recommend you follow these steps:

  • Step 1 | Get Your Business Set Up

  • Step 2 | Get Your Team Set Up

  • Step 3 | Stay In The Loop

Step 1 | Get Your Business Set Up

There are a few decisions to be made at the business level to ensure that each of your team members using FuseCharts have a consistent experience and output when using FuseCharts.

Installing FuseCharts: Read about Installing FuseCharts.

Firm Wide Settings: Start by understanding and updating the Firm Wide Settingsthat are available in your Resource Pack for the types of shapes and colours for entities, settings for the output display, and corporate colours and logo.

APS Integration: If your firm uses APS Practice Management System, considering enabling the APS Integration.

Step 2 | Get Your Team Set Up

Get your team setup with User Training, access to a comprehensive curated Knowledge base, and ongoing In-Person Support.

User Training

Watch a Tutorial: We suggest you watch the FuseCharts Tutorial to get a quick overview on how to use Fuse-Charts to create your structure diagram. Open FuseCharts > Click Tutorial > The tutorial will launch in-app. Alternatively you can go directly to the tutorial here.

Open a Sample File: You may like to open a sample file to see an example of a simple ‘Mum and Dad’ family group. Open FuseCharts > Click Samples.

Knowledge Base

Our FuseCharts Knowledge Base is a great resources that answers any FAQs you may have, along with a hub that highlights:

In-Person Support

🖱️ The best first point of call for technical support is always to log a support ticket from within the FuseSign platform directly,

📧 Alternatively, please contact us by email to or

📲 Call our Australian helpdesk team on 1300 134 134.

💲 For questions about billing, plan size and suitability, and getting the most out of your platform please contact our Client Success Team on +61 7 3233 6400.

👥 Get to know your Client Success Team.

Step 3 | Stay In The Loop

Our FuseWorks products feature regular product updates and a growing list of integrations to help enhance your process automation experience for both your team and your clients.

To stay in the loop:

  • Keep an eye out on our Quarterly Product Update email to subscribe to our webinars

  • Expect a phone call from our Client Success Team annually to check in and see how things are going generally, validate your plan size, and make sure you’re making the most of the available resources.

If you have a great idea, or keen to see a new feature in any of our products, please reach out to us as we love a collaborating with our clients!

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