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Creating A New Chart

Step 1: Open FuseCharts > Select New

Step 2: Enter a Group Name.

Step 3: Add the entities that are members of the Family Group. Use the red X to remove an entity if needed.

Step 4: Add entity specific details in relation to ownership, entity control, and other entity details. Click the cog to expand the input box. When entering information into the entity details box you can use a semi-colon ( ; ) to tell FuseCharts to enter the information across separate lines. For example if the share holder holds two different types of shares which you want to show as a list enter ORD 100;A2 to display ORD 100 on the first line, and A2 on the line below.

Step 5: Preview your chart by toggling between the Edit and Draw functions using the Edit + Draw button in the Mode section of the Home ribbon.

Step 6: Save your chart for future use by exporting your work as a PDF by clicking the PDF button in the Export section of the Home ribbon. When you save the chart as a .PDF FuseCharts will embed all of the chart information into the .PDF. This means that you can easily re-open the chart in FuseCharts in the future to make updates.

You may also choose to save the chart as a .PNG image, or copy the chart to your clipboard to paste into another application such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

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