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Data Integrations

FuseCharts can to import data from APS or a CSV Import. This means that entity names and types can be imported to prefill the list of related entities and make the process of creating diagrams for a group more efficient.

Setting up the APS Integration

FuseCharts can import data from APS Practice Management System, provided your data structure uses standard family or debtor group relationships.

Step 1: Open FuseCharts > Select Import

Step 2: Complete the details for the APS connection by selecting the group type, and entering the server name or connection string. You may need assistance from your IT provider. Click the purple tick icon to save your changes.

Setting up a CSV Data Import

Step 1: Prepare your CSV import file from your Practice Management System if it allows.

Step 2: Once extracted from Practice Management System, apply the correct headers to your data columns as follows (example CSV file linked below):

  • Name

  • Entity Type

  • ABN

  • ACN

  • DOB

Step 3: Save your CSV file to a shared drive that your whole team can access. This means that your entire team will be able to load data into FuseCharts from the CSV file.

Step 4: Open FuseCharts > Select Import > Add New > CSV > Select file location from shared drive > Map Headings > Confirm

Step 5: Start a new structure diagram and utilise the data from your CSV file.

FuseCharts CSV File Example.csv

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