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Firm Wide Settings

FuseCharts allows you to setup and share a Resource Pack containing your Firm Wide Settings for the following aspects of your chart designs:

  • Types of shapes and colours for entities

  • Settings for the output display

  • Corporate colours and logo

Step 1: Open FuseCharts > Select Resource Packs from the Customise section of the Home ribbon. .

Step 2: Click Create Resource Pack > Enter a name for the pack > click OK > select your desired location and click Save. This will save the pack as a .fcres file that you can share with other FuseCharts users.

Step 3: Click the Cog icon associated with the Resource Pack you wish to update to open the Resource Pack.

Step 4: Edit your Brand Colour > Select the colour that best reflects the primary colour of your corporate styling. This colour will be displayed on the cart in the form of a line at the top and bottom of the page to boarder the chart.

Step 5: Decide on your chart orientation. By default, the shareholders and beneficiaries of entities will be displayed BELOW the entity in which they have an interest. Enable the flip charts vertically option to display these details ABOVE the entity in which they have an interest.

Step 6: Edit your Shape Properties > Click into each entity type and select the shape, fill colour, text colour, and border colour.

Step 7: Add your Firm Logo > click the Load Image button to upload a .png or .jpeg image file of your firm logo to be applied onto your charts.

Step 8: Click the purple tick icon to save your changes.

Step 9: Share the .fcres file with other FuseCharts users by navigating to where you saved the file > share the file > then each user can open FuseCharts > click Resource Packs on the Home ribbon > click Load Resource Pack > navigate to and select the .fcres file > click the purple tick icon to save.

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