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Customise Your Chart

Use the Chart Options button to show the following options for customising your chart:

Show Details

None: Only the entity shape, name, and relationship will be shown.

All: All details of registrations, notes, directors will be shown in addition to the entity shape, name, and relationship.

Portrait Mode

FuseCharts are produced in landscape mode by default as this is usually the most appropriate page layout for most charts. Use Portrait Mode to switch from landscape to portrait page layout.

Legend Enabled

FuseCharts includes a legend key by default. Deselect Legend Enabled to remove the legend key from your chart.

Created Text Enabled

FuseCharts includes the text “Created with FuseCharts. Diagram last altered date” by default in the bottom right corner of the page. Deselect Created Text Enabled to remove this text from your chart.

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