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Placeholder Templates

Placeholder Templates are designed to reduce the time spent applying FuseSign Placeholdersto repetitive document types.

Placeholder templates are best used when there are static, recurring documents which require the same or very similar placeholders every time you upload the document to send for signing, for example an electronic lodgement declaration (ELD).

When setting up your placeholder templates be aware that while some documents look the same, there are slight formatting differences (e.g. the signing block on and ELD may vary between payable and refundable tax returns, and between a Company, Trust, or Individual) depending on your software and report formats.

All placeholder templates are available across all Teams.

Creating Placeholder Templates

Step 1: Setup a new bundle including the document type for which you would like to create a placeholder template.

Step 2: Apply the required FuseSign Placeholders onto the document.

Step 3: Go to the FuseSignHere placeholders panel > select Save as Template > give the template a name so that you can identify it when you want to re-apply it to a future document.  

Applying Placeholder Templates

Step 1: Setup a new bundle.

Step 2: Go to the Document Panel > ensure Signature Placeholders is enabled > click Place Signatures in the first document thumbnail to open the FuseSignHere window.

Step 3: Go to the FuseSignHere placeholders panel > select Apply Template > select the template from the list of available templates > select the recipient/s to associate to the placeholders > click Apply.  

Only one Placeholder Template can be applied to each document.

Editing Placeholder Templates

To edit a placeholder template, apply the template to a document, then repeat the process to create a new template.

To delete or rename a template, go to the Placeholder Templates section in your Administrative Settings.

Templates cannot be reverted to previous versions.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at

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