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FuseSign Placeholders

FuseSign Placeholders allow you to add a placeholder ‘sticker’ to create a field where recipients can add data.

For repetitive document types and placeholder locations consider setting up a Placeholder Template.

Placeholder Types

  • Single-line Text Field 

  • Multi-line Text Field

  • Date Field Selector

  • Checkboxes

  • Signature Placeholder

  • Signature & Date Placeholder (Sign & date in the same panel) 

  • Automated Date (Automatically fills with the date the client signs the document)

Related: Signature Placement Mode.

FAQ: Is there a Radio Button option? No. FuseSign does not include a radio button option. If you need your client to select just one option of many, we suggest you include a text box to include a typed response.

FAQ: Is there a mandatory checkbox option? No. It’s impossible to have a checkbox that is mandatory because not-checked is also a valid response.

FAQ: Is there a mandatory text field option? No. Recipients will receive a warning that they have not filled out any of the optional fields other than checkboxes, as not-checked is also a valid response.

FAQ: Why can’t I copy and paste the text out of the placeholder text fields on a completed document? FuseSign flattens the content into the PDF as an image to prevent it from being tampered with before applying the digital certificate.

FAQ: Can recipients see the content that other recipients have previously added into placeholder text fields? Yes! They might just need to zoom in a little.

FAQ: Why is the small font size so small on the text field? If a signer enters a lot of text in a small input there may be visibility issues. You can zoom in and use the arrow keys to read the wrapped text. A single-line text field is ideal for single inputs, while a multi-line text field is more suitable for larger pieces of text. To avoid visibility issues, consider increasing the size of the placeholder before sending the bundle.

Using FuseSign Placeholders

When using FuseSign Placeholders you will need to add the placeholders to each of the specific locations within the documents where you want the information to appear.

Step 1: Go to the Document Panel > ensure Signature Placeholders is enabled > click Place Signatures in the first document thumbnail to open the FuseSignHere window.

Step 2: Navigate through the document to find the location for the first placeholder.

Step 3: Select the placeholder type from the icons in the FuseSignHere panel on the left.

Step 4: Click the appropriate placeholder ‘sticker’ for each recipient and drag it to the required location in the document. Resize the placeholder so that it will be an appropriate size for the required content - the larger the better in most cases.

Step 5: Continue applying placeholders to each document in the bundle as required by navigating through using the Next button. Then click Done when finished.

NOTE: A maximum of 250 placeholders may be applied so a single document.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at

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