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Signature Placement Mode

Methods of Signing

FuseSign offers two different methods for document signing: Sign Entire Document and Signature Placeholders.

Both methods of signing include a true digital signature using computer technology to authenticate the signature by way of attaching a transcript, and embedding a digital certificate validating who signed the documents and protecting the information from tampering.

Sign Entire Document

Sign Entire Document means that visual signature images will not be placed on specific locations in the documents. This method significantly reduces your time creating and sending bundles. The signer is effectively agreeing to approving and digitally signing the entire document and the contents contained within the document. They agree to the terms of digital signing by agreeing to the terms when they sign.

FuseSign will place the signers initials on each page of the document if this option is enabled in your Administrative Settings. The initials will be placed on each page of the entire bundle and cannot be toggled on a bundle basis.

Signature Placeholders

Signature Placeholders means that when preparing a bundle the user will add a ‘signature placeholder’ to assign each of the specific locations within the documents where your recipients signature will visually appear.

This method does not include signers initials on each page, even if this option is enabled in your Administrative Settings.

Method Selection

Toggle between the Sign Entire Document and Signature Placeholders in the Documents Action Panel.

Using Sign Entire Document Document

When Sign Entire Document mode is enabled there are no further settings required to configure the signature placement mode for the bundle.

Using Signature Placeholders

When using Signature Placeholders you will need to add placeholders to each of the specific locations within the documents where your recipients signature, or other information, will visually appear.

Step 1: Go to the Document Panel > click Place Signatures in the first document thumbnail to open the FuseSignHere window.

Step 2: Navigate through the document to find the location for the placeholder.

Step 3: Select the signature placeholder type from the icons in the FuseSignHere panel on the left - either Standard Signature or Signature With Date (where the date of signing is automatically applied).

Step 4: Click the appropriate placeholder ‘sticker’ and drag it to the required location in the document.

Step 5: Continue applying placeholders to each document in the bundle as required by navigating through using the Next button. Then click Done when finished.

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