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What to Expect: FuseDocs Design Workshop

The design of your customised FuseDocs solution will be a collaborative process between your key team members and your FuseWorks Implementation Consultant.  

The Process Design Workshop is your chance to show us the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your current process.  We need to know everything about your process, including what you like about it, what you don't like about it, and any steps that are important to other elements of your practice, such as approval processes.   Come prepared for a workshop where you'll need to make decisions and source information during the session. 

Workshop Details

Time Commitment

60-90 minutes


Process Champions, Project Executive Sponsor, FuseWorks Implementation Consultant


Hosted via online conferencing software.  A link will be included in the meeting invitation when your workshop is scheduled. On-site options also available.


We will guide you through the structured workshop agenda outlined below and ask targeted questions to make sure that all of the details of your process are considered. The details of each topic are outlined below so that you can start thinking about your process and the features you would like to include.

Discussion Topic 1: Your Current Process

We will ask you to talk us through your current process and will be listening to identify the characteristics of your process that are unique to the way that you do business, including:

  • Who is responsible for the different tasks in the process

  • Any internal instructions that get passed between the team members involved

  • Any approval steps that need to be retained

  • Anything else that we notice by getting to see your process in action. 


Discussion Topic 2: System Integration

We will ask you some targeted questions about the data structure in your Practice Management System and Document Management System/s.  

Depending on your systems, we may ask you to show us what this looks like on your screen for an example client.


Discussion Topic 3: Document Distribution

FuseDocs can format your document packages in a way that is optimised for the intended distribution method. Please begin to consider the following:

  • How do you distribute document packages to your clients?  What percentage by print, email, portal, other? 

  • When you print, do you print duplex (double sided)?

  • Do you use pre-printed letterhead stationery in your printer?

  • Do you use a pre-printed cover or back page?

  • Do you apply physical 'sign here' stickers?

  • Do you physically sign letters rather than applying an electronic signature? 

  • Do you send a separate package containing just the pages requiring a signature? 

  • Do you upload individual documents or packages of documents to an electronic signing platform?

  • What else do we need to know about formatting your documents for the best experience for your client?


Discussion Topic 4: Corporate Branding

FuseDocs can incorporate your corporate branding into your client document packages as an extension of presenting your professional business identity to your clients.  You may already have branding materials available or you may choose to use the FuseDocs 'basic' styling package.  The branding elements that most clients include are a cover page, dividing page, contents page, back page, letterhead and follower, and logo. You're welcome to provide whatever branding materials that you currently have for our team to assess and see what we can make work for you, or if you have a specialist working on you can access more detailed specifications via our Private FuseDocs Knowledge Base using your FuseDocs login credentials.


Discussion Topic 5a: Report Content

FuseDocs relies on knowing what documents would be typical inclusions in your report packs and rules around where these documents can be found.  You will know best what these documents are for your practice.  Your consultant needs you to provide a list of the documents that are most commonly included in this process, including the file naming conventions.


Discussion Topic 5b: Document Modification

FuseDocs can modify or process your source documents as listed below.  Please consider what may be relevant for your practice.  We will talk through this in detail during your Process Discovery Workshop.

  • Apply letterhead + follower

  • Apply manager, director, or partners signatures

  • Apply your logo

  • Apply 'sign here' stickers (very rare since the introduction of e-signing)

  • Annotate a date onto the compilation report

  • Annotate a due date and amount on ATO payment slips

  • Annotate 'Hold for Lodgement' or other instructions

  • Prepend or append additional pages. 

  • Include only certain pages or worksheets

If your documents are not text searchable there are still options - we'll work through those together.  

If you need some of these modifications we'll may need some additional sample documents. Your Consultant will let you know what they need.


Discussion Topic 5c: Merge Documents

FuseDocs can extract client information from your database and merge this, along with other manually selected or entered variables, into your standard document template/s. The most commonly included merge documents are cover letters, engagement letters, and substantiation declarations. Your consultant will need you to provide .docx templates for any cover letters or other documents (such as a substantiation declaration) that will be merged as part of your solution.  Note: Please check if your merge document has been included in your proposal as these typically attract an additional fee. 


Discussion Topic 6: Project Summary

We'll let you know where your biggest efficiency wins are and let you know how long the project will take.


Next Steps

At the end of the workshop we will have all the information that we need to configure and test your customised solution in your unique IT environment.  

Your consultant will give you an estimate of how long this should take and book in your Champions Training Session.  This could be anywhere from next day, to a week or two depending on the complexity of your situation. 

Note: During your Process Design Workshop we may identify some features that will require additional information or advanced configuration.  These may take a little longer than standard features.  We will discuss this with you during the session. 

Note: While we're testing your solution in your environment we may encounter some previously unidentified aspects of your environment that will require specialist configuration.  We will let you know that we may take a little longer than originally anticipated. 

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