If you are currently using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) / Office365 you can use your Microsoft Credentials to login to FuseSign (app.fuse.work) and FuseDocs.

If MFA is configured for Azure AD this will also apply to log ins at app.fuse.work.

Enable Login with Azure AD

Step 1: Make sure that the user account exists in the app.fuse.work Users console, and that the email matches the email logged in with Office 365.

Step 2: Notify our team via support@fuse.work that you would like to enable AzureAD Login.

Step 3: Our team will schedule this transition for you and notify you via email. 

Step 4: This transition will log-out all existing user connections and users will be forced to log back in with their Microsoft credentials. 

Log In With Azure AD

Step 1: Log into app.fuse.work as usual and you will be prompted to login with your Office 365 Credentials.

Step 2: After you login into Microsoft you will be redirected back to the app.fuse.work page as this logged in user.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact our support team at support@fuse.work