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Retiring Fixed Verification Mode

Status: Upcoming Release (27th Jan 2024)

As of 27th January 2024 we will be retiring the fixed verification mode, and all accounts will be automatically converted to mixed verification mode. This change is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and security on FuseSign.

FuseSign offers various levels of recipient verification modes, including No 2FA, Email to Sign, Email to View, SMS to Sign, SMS to View, and Mixed Verification Mode. The mixed verification mode allows for flexibility by enabling businesses to set the verification mode on a per-recipient basis, offering a tailored approach based on the available contact details.

Previously, this mode was an optional feature that had to be enabled within the account settings. Without it, bundles were automatically in a “fixed” verification mode which only allowed for a single verification mode across all recipients. As there is no real benefit from having this restriction in place, we have made the decision to retire it.

Reasons for Change:

  1. Client Adoption: The majority of our clients are already using mixed verification mode, which is the default and recommended setting and, ultimately, there is no reason to have it disabled.

  2. Legacy Mode Retirement: Fixed verification was introduced in the inception of FuseSign and is now legacy content being retired to streamline our features and align with current industry standards.

  3. Enhanced Granularity: Clients can achieve the same level of security with mixed mode while benefiting from increased granularity by default.

Impact of the Change:

  • Settings Removal: The option to enable/disable mixed mode will be removed from the settings page.

  • Automatic Conversion: All bundles currently in draft will be automatically converted to mixed mode (if not already).

  • Existing Bundles: Bundles that are currently live in their fixed modes will not be altered.

  • New Bundles: Any new bundles created or drafted after the release date will automatically be in mixed mode.

Why Now? This change paves the way for upcoming major UX overhauls of our bundle creator, ensuring a more seamless and intuitive user experience for all FuseSign users.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to continually improve FuseSign. If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at

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