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New Bundle Reviewer

Status: BETA (as of 08/09/23)

Full release scheduled for 30/09/23, see Rollout Plan for more details

We’ve made a UI update to our Bundle Review page that includes some quality of life improvements, enhanced usability and an updated look. While the page looks a bit different, there are no major changes to functionality.

What’s changed:

  • The action bar will now stick to the bottom of your page as you scroll and is always visible

  • The Bundle Actions and Bundle Recipients sections are now combined for simplicity

  • The body section will be collapsed if there is a large amount of text

  • Verification, Signature and Rejection modes are now found under Advanced Settings

  • Clicking on the document name launches the document preview

  • General interface clean up and minor cosmetic changes

Rollout Plan

We will be gradually rolling out this update to select clients over the BETA period (08/09/23 - 30/09/23). Please contact us at if you would like access during this period.

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