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Acis Integration

Acis has chosen FuseSign as their preferred digital signing partner. Execute pre-company registration documents, such as consents, directly from the Acis portal using FuseSign.

FuseSign integrates directly with Acis to allow you to send your pre-company registration documents via the Acis portal.

Connecting the Integration

Watch this short video demonstration to see how to connect and use the Acis integration.

Please ensure you have FuseSign Champion access within your FuseWorks account prior to initiating your integration. Your User and Licence Administrator can assist with this access if required.

Using the Integration

The above video also demonstrates how to use the Acis integration.

Known Restrictions

We are proud to offer the FuseSign API to our Integration Partners to enable a consistent experience for the efficient use of FuseSign across common accounting technology stacks. 

It is at the discretion of the integration partner as to how they wish the integration to operate within their platform and this means that some features that you are used to seeing within FuseSign may operate a little differently when bundles are sent via third party integrations.

There are currently no known restrictions between the FuseSign and the Acis integration.


For any troubleshooting relating to documents that originate from Acis and utilise the FuseSign integration please contact Acis support at FuseSign is the delivery method only.

If you have any questions, please contact the Acis support team at

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