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What to Expect: FuseDocs Implementation Session

Now that we've configured and tested your solution to your specifications we'll organise a 60 minute online training session with your FuseDocs champion/s.  

Your champion/s will quickly become your in-house FuseDocs expert and be able to train other team members.  


During the session we will: 

  • Walk through the components of your FuseDocs template

  • Demonstrate compiling a package using real client data on your system

  • Demonstrate any additional features specific to your solution

  • Show you some common errors, tips and tricks for making your solution perform at it's best

  • Seek feedback around any adjustments that need to be made

After the session your team will be able to start using your FuseDocs solution and your subscription will start the following day. 

This is your first opportunity to make sure that we've captured the requirements of your process.  We understand that at this stage there could be things that were not uncovered in the discovery process or that may need to work a little differently to what you first thought. That's why we have the 'optimisation phase'.

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