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GreatSoft Integration

GreatSoft is cloud-based practice management software provided by MYOB.

FuseSign integrates directly with GreatSoft to import your contact information into a new draft bundle.

Connecting the Integration

Please contact your GreatSoft consultant for details of how to connect FuseSign to your GreatSoft account.

Using the Integration

Within the GreatSoft platform, click the button next to the contact to create a new draft bundle. This new bundle will include the contact details for the associated GreatSoft contact.

This action also creates a record in your FuseSign Contacts for this recipient.

This integration creates FuseSign contact records one-by-one rather than as a bulk contact upload.

Known Restrictions

We are proud to offer the FuseSign API to our Integration Partners to enable a consistent experience for the efficient use of FuseSign across common accounting technology stacks. 

It is at the discretion of the integration partner as to how they wish the integration to operate within their platform and this means that some features that you are used to seeing within FuseSign may operate a little differently when bundles are sent via third party integrations.

There are currently no known restrictions between the FuseSign and the GreatSoft integration.


If you have any questions, please contact GreatSoft support directly at

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