FYI is a document management, and process automation system, purpose-built for accountants.

The FuseSign FYI Document Connector allows you to:

  • extract documents from FYI into a FuseSign bundle directly from the FuseSign interface and automatically thread signed documents back to FYI.

  • retain the thread of documents that have been processed from FYI through FuseDocs and the FuseSign integration to automatically save signed documents to the thread.

A business lite or above FuseSign plan is required and an Intermediate or above FYI plan is required to enable this integration.

Documents that do not originate in FYI will not be automatically saved back to FYI once they are signed.

This integration is currently in BETA and more information will be released shortly - If you have any questions, please contact our support team on

Connecting the Integration

Only users delegated as a FuseSign Champion role can connect the FYI Document Connector.

Step 1: Select Settings on the side navigation bar accessible from any screen in FuseSign.

Step 2: Select Document Connector Settings.

Step 3: Click Connect on FYI section of the the Document Connector Settings page.

Step 4: Retrieve the Access Key and Secret from the FuseSign apps page under Automation in your FYI account, and enter these into the connector settings page.

Review and update any other settings as required on this screen (FuseDocs settings optional).

FuseSign Automation settings page inside FYI

FYI Connector settings within FuseSign

Using the Integration in FuseSign

Step 1: Once the integration is enabled there will be an Add From FYI button available in the Document Action Panel.

Step 2: Click Add from FYI and type and select the name of the client where the documents you wish to add are stored.

Step 3: Select the document you wish to add. Click Add Files.

Step 4: The document/s will then be added into the new bundle and you can continue updating the other settings and send your bundle.

If Update Document Status is configured within the settings page the status of this document will be updated to Pending Client Signature in FYI once the bundle has been sent.

If Save FYI Files back once they are signed is enabled the signed copies of the documents will be saved back into FYI once the bundle has been finalised.

Using the Integration in FuseDocs

Once the FYI Document Connector has been setup in your FuseSign account following the above instructions, you will need to:

Step 1: Reach out to your FuseDocs Implementation Consultant or to have your FuseDocs templates updated to enable document threading.

Step 2: Your consultant will let you know once the integration has been enabled.

Step 3: There’s nothing more for you to do! Documents that are extracted from FYI into FuseDocs then published to FuseSign via the FuseDocs + FuseSign integration will be automatically saved and threaded in FYI.

NOTE: Packages or letters that FuseDocs creates (i.e. are not single documents originating from FYI) will not automatically file back to FYI. Please use the “File to FYI” button to file these.


This integration is currently in BETA. If you encounter any issues please contact our support team on

If you have any questions, please contact our support team on