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FuseDocs Integration

FuseDocs is the smart robotic process automation platform for accountants, financial planners, and professional services businesses. Automate the collation of annual and recurring client documents and give your team back their most valuable resource - time.

FuseSign integrates directly with FuseDocs to allow you to easily prepare and collate your documents for signing across large complex family group structures, and send a draft bundle to FuseSign.

Connecting the Integration

Please contact your FuseDocs Implementation Consultant or our support team at to have the integration designed to suit your needs, and added to your FuseDocs templates.

Using the Integration

Your FuseDocs Implementation Consultant will provide specialised one-on-one training for your team in how to use and get the most from your FuseDocs FuseSign integration.

Related: FYI Document Connector which allows you to retain the thread of documents that have been processed from FYI through FuseDocs and the FuseSign integration to automatically save signed documents to the thread.

Related: Access the Private FuseDocs Knowledge Base using your FuseDocs login credentials to read more about how the integration works and interacts with other features such as Workflow.


For any troubleshooting relating to documents that originate from FuseDocs and utilise the FuseSign integration please contact our support team at

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at

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