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Document File Size Limit

Sending Documents for Signing

Recommended: Given network performance and client experience we would recommend keeping PDF files around 1-2MB

Maximum: The file size limit is up to 20MB.

There is a limit of 40 independent documents per bundle and they can each be up to 20MB. 

 Please note that FuseSign has handled single documents up to 100MB, however, we do not recommend this as it does not provide an optimal experience for your client. 

Email Attachments

There is a limitation of 7MB when attaching the files to the final completion email.

In the case where an attachment is too large, FuseSign will send out a download link and the client will be able to manually download the documents. 

Please note that once the bundle is archived the documents will no longer be available to the customers via that link.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at

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