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Support Guidelines

Technical support for your FuseDocs software and solutions is included in your FuseDocs subscription.

Your first point of call in any troubleshooting should always be your internal FuseDocs Champion who will then reach out to the FuseWorks Support Team if additional support is required. 

Our support services include troubleshooting when FuseDocs may not be performing the way that you expect it to, and minor changes and adjustments to your solution that may be required from time to time. We recognise that major changes may occasionally be required, and these are typically handled as a consulting engagement at our discretion.  

Support Fair Use Policy

FuseDocs Support is governed by our Fair Use Policy, which ensures that we can provide all our users with high-quality and timely support. Support requests outside of Fair Use may be declined or charged for at our discretion.

Our standard support inclusions are listed below. Our mission is to provide you with responsive support free of charge wherever possible to ensure FuseDocs is working smoothly. However, if we receive a volume of modification requests above what our Helpdesk can reasonably process while maintaining timely support for other clients, we reserve the right to decline requests or consider them out of scope and therefore chargeable work. This will be clearly communicated by our Helpdesk prior to any action being taken.


Standard Support Inclusions

  • Implementation and training session (2 sessions of up to 1 hour each) - additional training will be handled by the internal FuseDocs Champion

  • Optimisation Support in the initial optimisation period - (1 half-hour scheduled time slot per week during the initial 8 week optimisation period)

  • Minor modifications/changes* to compilation and merge templates (usually these are things that can be delivered on the spot in under 10 minutes)

  • Annual changes to compliance production software (e.g. tax or ledger programs) necessitating changes to your FuseDocs process such as page extractions

  • Fixing any inherent bugs or solving general process issues

 Examples of minor modifications/changes (but not limited to, and our 10 minute rule generally applies here):

  • Adding a new document type to the documents area of the compilation templates

  • Changing wording in an annual cover letter paragraph

  • Changing a document bookmark name


Excluded from Standard Support 

(May be charged at our hourly support/consulting rate of $300 + GST per hour)

  • Server migrations

  • Integrated software upgrades causing issues (such as Microsoft Office updates)

  • Changing PMS or DMS integrations (or other database migration)

  • Rebranding changes (if done by FuseWorks)

  • Change of accounting production software requiring alterations to page handling

  • Consulting session to re-configure your process to suit changes and requirements in your firm

  • New package type within an existing template – this is an "addition"

  • Additional training sessions beyond your implementation / training session - typically this is the responsibility of your Champion but we are happy to deliver at our consulting rate.

  • FuseDocs Bolt-ons – charged separately (already mentioned in proposal)

  • Additional FuseDocs compilation templates, products or features (charged on scope and proposal)

  • Development requests for features and integrations that are outside of our standard inclusions - scoped and priced separately

If you are unsure whether your requirements fit into our standard support inclusions please reach out to our friendly team on 1300 134 134 or for a complimentary discussion.

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