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Installing FuseCharts

FuseCharts supports two installation modes: per-user or per-machine.

If you are on a PC which you use exclusively, you can simply download FuseCharts from the download link in your email and run. If you experience any issues with running the software, please raise a support ticket and we will be more than happy to assist.

A note for Apple Mac users: FuseCharts is built to operate on Windows platform, and does not support Mac environments. There is a software available to emulate Windows on a Mac OS, but we aren't able to support or troubleshoot for that setup specifically. 

Per-User Installation

You can install FuseCharts directly on to the computer you intend to use the software on.

  • Follow the download link in your email, or click here to access the download file directly.

  • Click on the download and press “Run”.

  • Follow the prompts to install FuseCharts on your computer.

  • You will then need to enter your trial or serial key to activate FuseCharts.

  • Each serial key can only be used on one computer.

Per-Machine or Shared Environment Installation

This section is intended for IT administrators. You will need to liaise with your IT for per-machine installations.
We appreciate that some environments would like to make FuseCharts available to all users, or user profiles may roam between remote desktop / Citrix servers. For this reason, we allow system administrators to manage the FuseCharts license and installation from a fixed location.

To install FuseCharts for all users

  • Create a folder in a shared location where users have read + write access. Typically, this is a file share such as S:\Apps\FuseCharts

  • Download the executable from  and place it in this folder.

  • Download LaunchOptions.xml hyperlinked below and place it in the same folder.


  • Edit LaunchOptions.xml change the serial key with your own (this was provided to the user who began the trial, but may need to be extended by us if you intend on trialling with multiple users)

  • Create shortcuts for users to the FuseCharts executable via your preferred mechanism (e.g. GPO, login script, Citrix publish).

Uninstalling FuseCharts

To uninstall FuseCharts, simply delete the executable and shortcuts. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at

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