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FAQ + Getting Started

Getting Started

I’m a new FuseCharts user, where should I start?


Watch a Tutorial: We suggest you watch the FuseCharts Tutorial to get a quick overview on how to use Fuse-Charts to create your structure diagram. Open FuseCharts > Click Tutorial > The tutorial will launch in-app. Alternatively you can go directly to the tutorial here.

Open a Sample File: You may like to open a sample file to see an example of a simple ‘Mum and Dad’ family group. Open FuseCharts > Click Samples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a director to a company but not have them show on the chart as an Individual?

Yes! Go back to the entity grid and de-select the black tick on the left side of the entity. This will retain all of the information related to the entity but it will no longer show as an individual on the chart.

How do I indicate that a Trustee Company is also a beneficiary of a Trust?

FuseCharts is designed in a hierarchical approach which means that you can’t have a beneficiary company and trustee company represented as one object on the FuseCharts diagram.  The suggestion we have to overcome this is to include a trustee company in your FuseCharts setup that sits above the relevant Trust AND also include it as a company (i.e. beneficiary) of the Trust.  See below where company 1 is represented in two objects below as they perform different functions and creates the most simplistic view of the group chart on a one pager.

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